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Zhou Yongtai, executive director and senior engineer of China Die & Mould Industry Association, said in an interview: "The use, quality and variety of metal materials often affect the quality, life and cost of mechanical goods. Domestic steel is compared with foreign steel, regardless of quality. Variety specifications have a large distance."

Taking the rapier loom as an example, the rapid opening of the textile machine operation puts forward higher and newer requirements on the quantity, quality, variety and function of the mold materials, such as the high standard and high utility rapier head, because the sword The demand for the speed of the loom, the rapier head data must have very good impact resistance, together, can not affect the quality and life of the rapier head, in the process of training the metal, you must master the control of the remaining elements.

There is also a certain distance between the varieties, specifications, quality and functions of domestically produced materials and the world's preemptive levels. As a result, China imports a considerable amount of rapier head data from abroad every year.

Wang Xinxing, director of the Textile Machinery Research Institute of the China Textile Research Institute, believes that a piece of equipment, from microelectronic components to the fuselage, frame, etc., contains plastic, copper, aluminum, steel and other parts of different strengths and appearances. In the production process of any component, all physical functions and appearance quality must reach the program requirements, which requires the quality of the metal materials to be ensured. The main requirement of the textile machinery production company is that the metal should not be completely ineffective, that is, the demanding metal should not be cracked. Secondly, the first piece of the demand of the textile machinery company has the same physical function, appearance and scale as the one after all, so the metal data Also ensure a satisfactory level of strength.

With the high-speed opening of the textile machinery industry, the production of die-casting parts tends to be produced by a higher pressure, more automated die-casting machine, which requires excellent red hardness (high temperature yield strength) and ductility (plasticity) together with metal materials. At the time, the status quo of some metal materials in China was not enough, which made the textile machinery company have to use the imported metal materials with higher cost.

Domestic data has a short life
Facing the new mall, no help

Faced with the new style of China's new metal materials shopping malls, domestic steel companies are very difficult: domestic metal materials can not fully satisfy the needs of domestic machinery operations.

First of all, the production skills of die steel are backward, and the amount of steel material is poor. For example, the domestically produced universal mold steel h13, d2, ld and other varieties of connotation quality can reach the US mold steel general specification astma681, is the world's usual level, basically satisfied with the domestic and foreign mold users' application needs. However, the high demand put forward by users of high-standard die steel, such as impact resistance, low-level control of residual elements, high-quality longevity, etc., is still not satisfactory.

The comparison of mold skills at home and abroad flashes. The life expectancy of foreign hardened steel molds is between 1.6 million and 3 million times, while the domestic demand is only 500,000 to 1 million times. The domestic non-hardened steel mold life is only half of that of foreign countries. In addition, there are few new varieties of domestic die steel. In recent years, some famous foreign mold steel production companies have developed a number of new mold steel products, such as high-strength mold steel, dh13, dh53, flame hardened mold steel, powder metallurgy cold work die steel. In contrast, the domestic high-performance die steel new products are less, and the new mold steel varieties are less developed. For example, plastic mold steel, which accounts for 60% of the mold steel, has only two steel grades in the Chinese alloy tool steel specification, while the US has seven steel grades and constitutes a relatively indispensable steel series. Countries such as the United States, Japan, France and Switzerland have formed a series of cold-working die steels and hot-working die steels. There are only six general-purpose varieties of hot-working die steels, which are at a time when domestic mold steel is too late. .

"going out" horizontal joint
Domestic textile machine or take the shortcut

China's textile machinery operations open high-tech products, requiring extra-metal materials, chemical products, rubber products, electronics, electrical components, hydraulic parts, fasteners and other basic supporting goods and parts. At that time, the domestic supporting components are lacking in material quality, production precision and quality, and the selection of the world's supporting components, there are doubts such as high quotation and long cycle, which directly affects the opening of textile machinery automation skills. Therefore, some professionals have argued that Chinese textile companies can “go out” and horizontally combine, which should be a shortcut for textile companies to open later. If the textile machinery company has the conditions, it can choose the pre-emptive metallurgical methods and skills, such as the essence of the furnace, electroslag remelting, vacuum treatment, multi-directional forging, precision forging, finishing rolling, producing high-quality steel with purity, through the machine Processing, quenching and tempering and other methods to supply product and refined mold steel products.

Textile machinery companies should strengthen the innovation and application of external disposal skills. Appearance can be applied to the external parts of the mold (mainly wear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.) on the basis of adhering to the original ingredients and functions of the products, and the lifespan of the goods can be greatly expanded, and the product utilization plan can be broadened. The low mold steel replaces the high-priced mold steel, and the multi-variety and high-quality exterior treatment is widely used in textile machinery products.

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