Weak demand for textiles

Since 2012, due to the weakening of international market demand, the slowdown of domestic market growth, and the high price difference between domestic and foreign cotton, the operation of China's textile industry has shown a downward trend, the growth rate of production has decreased significantly, the number of exports has decreased, and the benefits of enterprises have emerged. The decline, the front end of the industrial chain (cotton spinning, chemical fiber) losses, the competitiveness of Chinese textile companies has weakened. As a clothing industry supporting the clothing industry, the impact of the market downturn is also generally felt.

According to industry experts, the actual sales scale of the clothing industry in 2012 has seen a decline of about 10%, which is in stark contrast to the high growth of around 15% in 2011. Many card clothing manufacturers believe that the current market for card clothing is increasingly fierce due to various factors such as serious homogenization. However, some clothing products that have not been in great demand in the past have experienced rapid growth in orders. Happening. For example, compared with cotton-punch clothing, the market for clothing for non-woven, wool, and hemp is growing faster and growing more. What is gratifying is that some textile manufacturers have made timely adjustments in the face of severe market conditions, and increased the development of new fabrics, which in turn has driven the demand for some clothing products, especially some new unconventional clothing. For example, in the past two years, the market demand for new fabric brushed products has increased rapidly, which has driven the rapid growth of demand for hair products in the clothing industry. Some products have even experienced a shortage of supply. The sales growth of major manufacturers is 50. %the above.

From the first half of 2013, the textile industry is slowly picking up. The clothing companies are beginning to feel the warmth of the market. The order volume has rebounded slightly, mainly due to the increased demand for non-woven, woolen, and linen textile products. And the growth in demand for new fabrics has led to a high growth in new types of clothing. However, the demand for cotton-spun card clothing, which has the largest market demand, remains sluggish and has not seen a significant improvement. Therefore, in the absence of a significant improvement in the prosperity of China's cotton textile industry, the overall growth of the clothing market is weak, and the sluggish demand will continue for some time.

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