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September 5-6, 2013, hosted by China National Textile and Apparel Council, China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, China Textile International Exchange Center, Tongxiang Municipal People's Government, the 19th China International Chemical Fiber Conference (Tongxiang 2013) Tongxiang Zhenshi Hotel was grandly held.

Wang Tiankai, President of China National Textile and Apparel Council, Xu Kunyuan, Honorary President, Gao Yong, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Jiang Shicheng, Inspector of the Industry Coordination Department of the National Development and Reform Commission, He Yanli, Li Xinnan, Inspector of the Policy, Regulation and System Reform Department of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Consumer Products Industry, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Wang Wei, deputy director of the department, Zhang Tao, deputy director of the contact office of the Industry Association of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Zhongwei, deputy director of the Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Wang Suzhen, deputy director of the Zhejiang Provincial Economic and Information Commission, deputy secretary of the Tongxiang Municipal Committee, Mayor Sheng Yongjun, Tongxiang Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee Director Zhang Linhong, Chairman of Tongxiang Municipal Political Consultative Conference and Vice Mayor of Tongxiang Municipal People's Government Pan Minfang and other leaders attended the meeting. China Textile Industry Federation and professional associations such as knitting, industrial, home textile, printing and dyeing, cotton spinning, planning institutes, textile product development, China International Engineering Consulting Corporation and other relevant units were also invited to attend the meeting.

The China International Chemical Fiber Conference held in the 19th consecutive session has been widely recognized and highly participated by the international chemical fiber industry developed regions and national and domestic chemical fiber enterprises and related departments, research institutes and institutions. This conference is internationally recognized in the chemical fiber industry. The convening of the domestic economic operation impact faced many difficulties, but also received a lot of attention and expectations, the participants were unprecedented, highlighting the important role of China International Chemical Fiber Conference as a wind vane for industry development.

The theme of this China International Chemical Fiber Conference is “Injecting new vitality into the chemical fiber industry in a complex environment – technology, resources, low carbon and brand”, which will combine the current complex economic and market environment at home and abroad to promote the future of the chemical fiber industry. The key factors for sustainable development are the entry points, the current development status and future trends of the major chemical fiber producing countries and regions in the world, the development of new technologies and equipment, the development of raw materials and new raw materials, and the research and application of high-performance fibers. Recycling and clean production, new product development and brand building, as well as the industry's current challenges to be solved are discussed in depth.

With the rise of China's economy, China's textile industry has achieved rapid development in recent decades and has now become the core of the world textile industry. As one of the most important raw materials for the Chinese textile industry, chemical fiber has also achieved remarkable results. At present, China's chemical fiber production has accounted for 68% of the world's production. Chemical fiber products cover almost all varieties. The main chemical fiber technology and equipment have reached the international advanced level, becoming the world's largest production scale, the most complete industrial chain, and strong. A competitive chemical fiber country.

However, on the road of continuous advancement, the operation of China's chemical fiber industry has encountered unprecedented difficulties, especially in the past two years, demand growth has slowed down, new production capacity pressures have increased, resource and environmental constraints have intensified, factor costs have been rising, and the market The performance was sluggish and the benefits were significantly reduced, and the internal structural contradictions and problems were prominent. It is extremely urgent to transform the development mode, enhance the ability of independent innovation, and improve the value-added of products.

The "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" is a crucial period for China to build a well-off society in an all-round way. It is a crucial period for deepening reform and opening up, comprehensively adjusting the economic structure, and accelerating the transformation of economic development mode. It is also an important factor for China's chemical fiber industry to enter the chemical fiber power and build an upgraded version of China's chemical fiber. period. The annual China International Chemical Fiber Conference is a high-level, high-level international convention in the international chemical fiber field. The conference attracted the EU, UK, Japan, Korea, India, Thailand, Hong Kong, China. Nearly 20 industry leaders from Taiwan and other major countries producing chemical fiber, and well-known enterprises in various regions have actively participated in it. At the same time, many scholars and experts from universities, research institutes and well-known consulting institutions, leading companies and traders in the upstream and downstream product chain and supply chain of chemical fiber, as well as leaders and experts in the financial and securities industry, also attended the meeting to discuss the world chemical fiber industry. The development of the issue, exchange of information such as market, circulation, trade, management, science and technology, to provide a spark of wisdom for the future development of China's chemical fiber industry.

The opening ceremony of the conference was presided over by Mr. Duan Xiaoping, President of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association. Mr. Gao Yong, Vice President of China National Textile and Apparel Council, delivered an opening speech. The High President spoke highly of China International Chemical Fiber Conference. It clarified the guiding ideology, purpose and significance of this meeting. Sheng Yongjun, the mayor of Tongxiang City, gave a welcome speech. On behalf of the Tongxiang Municipal Government, he expressed warm welcome to the attendees and wished the meeting a complete success.

At the opening ceremony, in view of the important innovations and creative contributions made by Tongkun Group and Xinfengming Group in the key technology research and development and industrial application of flexible polyester filament filament production, China Chemical Fiber Industry Association and Tongxiang City People The government decided to give recognition and reward, and the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Jiang Shicheng, issued a certificate of honor.

At the Conference Development Forum held after the opening ceremony, Mr. Duan Xiaoping, President of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, gave a keynote speech titled “Science and Technology Progress and Chemical Fiber Industry”. The report pointed out that after decades of rapid development in China's chemical fiber industry, especially in the past decade, a complete industrial chain supporting system has been formed, including the corresponding scientific research, personnel training and equipment manufacturing departments, which have leading in the field of conventional fiber production. Equipment and technology, producing products ranging from conventional chemical fibers, high-performance chemical fibers to bio-based chemical fibers, making it the country with the widest range of products and applications. These advantages have laid a solid foundation for the scientific and technological progress of China's chemical fiber industry, and are also favorable conditions for China's chemical fiber industry to achieve transformation, upgrading and innovation. The development of China's chemical fiber industry all permeates the trajectory of "technical progress", and each technological breakthrough is accompanied by rapid growth. Scientific and technological progress has also promoted the structural adjustment of the chemical fiber industry. The scale of the enterprise economy has been significantly improved, the industrial technology has been fully upgraded, and it has a strong international and domestic market competitiveness.

Reports on the multi-functionalization and high-differentiation of conventional fibers, low-cost production and quality improvement of high-performance chemical fibers, research and development of bio-based chemical fibers and raw materials, industrial production and market applications, and green low-carbon production technology of conventional fibers. Four aspects discussed the technological progress of China's chemical fiber industry now and in the future.

The report emphasizes that in the coming period, along with the recovery of the world economy will be the rapid advancement of science and technology. Accelerating innovation in materials technology will become an important trend in the new round of scientific and technological progress. As a variety of high-tech fiber materials in China's strategic emerging industries, its technological breakthroughs and application development will become the technological commanding heights of the textile industry in various countries. The chemical fiber industry must make full use of the favorable opportunities for the development of relevant industrial technologies, strengthen the transformation and upgrading of high-tech textile and chemical fiber industries, accelerate the innovation and breakthrough of high-tech fiber materials, and enhance the core competitiveness of the industry, so that we can truly grasp in the new round of competition. Initiative.

Chemical fiber industry leaders from Japan, the European Union, India, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and other countries and regions also introduced the current status and development plans of the domestic and regional chemical fiber industries, and jointly prospected the development prospects of the chemical fiber industry.

Pan Minfang, deputy mayor of Tongxiang City, introduced the status quo and development of the chemical fiber industry in Tongxiang City. It is proposed that in the next few years, while accelerating the development of new materials and equipment manufacturing industry, Tongxiang will focus on upgrading the two pillar industries of chemical fiber and characteristic textiles and garments with solid industrial foundation, competitive advantages, and strong driving ability. In the end of 2016, the total volume of chemical fiber industry exceeded 100 billion yuan, and the Linhang Economic Zone was built into a national-level chemical fiber new material industry base.

In the afternoon, the conference held an interactive seminar. The seminar specially invited Xu Kunyuan, Honorary President of China Textile Industry Federation, China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, He Yanli, Inspector of Industry Coordination Department of National Development and Reform Commission, Li Xinnan, Inspector of Policy and Regulation Department of Ministry of Science and Technology, Wang Wei, Deputy Director of Consumer Products Department of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Textile President Zhao Qiang of the Science Research Institute and Chairman Chen Shiliang of Tongkun Group, together with the participants, injects new ideas for the sustainable development of the chemical fiber industry in the complex situation where there are still many uncertainties in the global and domestic economic environment and future development. The vitality and other issues have been interacted with.

After the meeting, Teijin technical exchanges and technical exchanges at Kyoto University of Technology Fibers were held, and academic exchanges were held on issues such as innovative technology, low carbon, and environmental protection.

On September 6, the conference was divided into five sub-forums to continue to exchange and discuss around different hot topics. The five sub-forums are respectively the sub-forum of fiber new materials and industrial textiles; the diversity of chemical fiber raw materials sub-forum; the fiber trend and brand building sub-forum; the scientific and technological progress and chemical fiber industry sub-forum; low-carbon, green, recycling chemical fiber industry System sub-forum.

More than 60 experts, scholars and entrepreneurs from all over the world will give speeches and propose their own suggestions and viewpoints from different levels, different technologies and different perspectives.

The two-day conference, from the overall situation of the chemical fiber industry and the key types and technical aspects of future development, covers all aspects of the current industry's key and difficult issues. Through mutual exchanges and discussions, we will build consensus. It is even more urgent to realize that under the current situation, with the opportunity of transformation and upgrading of the country's overall economic structure, building an upgraded version of China's chemical fiber is an era requirement in the new historical stage to cope with the new challenges emerging in development. The fundamental of building an upgraded version of China's chemical fiber is to continuously inject new vitality into the industry. According to the development of China's chemical fiber industry at this stage, we must adhere to technological innovation, develop a resource-based recycling system, maintain the industrial environment of low-carbon economy, and actively build China's chemical fiber brand is an important task to be built to upgrade China's chemical fiber. I believe that in the near future, China's chemical fiber industry will be able to achieve the "big to strong" upgrade mission.

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