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Beginning on April 1st, the “Re-starting” discussion went to the third stage. In the first two stages, after the promotion and mobilization, the situation and task education, the establishment of discussion topics, the establishment of communication platforms and extensive study and discussion, the enthusiasm of the Chinese textile machinery cadres and workers for the company to “restart and fight for the first” was provoked. Based on the feedback from the party branches of various departments, it is not difficult to see that a piece of speech material has revealed the employees’ concern about the company’s minds, and the confession of confidence and responsibility has released the re-emergence of the old-fashioned enterprise of China’s textile machinery. Expectation and determination.

The China Textile Machinery Party Committee launched a "re-starting business" discussion, aiming at stimulating the enthusiasm and confidence of the majority of cadres and party members in their difficulties. The party branches of the departments attach great importance to them and open their minds; the cadres and workers have their own opinions and speak freely. The big discussion activities are very colorful and present three characteristics.

- Combine with work. After the party committee of the company sent the implementation plan of the big discussion to the branch, each party branch made specific arrangements according to the nature and characteristics of the work of the department. The Party branch of the Production Management Department combined the big discussion with the procurement reduction. The machining party branch bundled the discussion with the expansion of the cylinder processing capacity and the improvement of the quality of the parts. The assembly party branch was used to discuss the pass rate of the machine. Up to 100%, the sales party branch linked the big discussion with the expansion of the loom market, and the party branch of the Product Technology Department promoted product development with a big discussion. The close integration of big discussions and work avoids the flow of form.

- Contact with the actual. Workers are at the front line of work (production), have a direct understanding of some issues affecting the development of enterprises, discuss them, go straight to the key, key. Wang Yong, the marketing and sales department, said that the national textile “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” is a good time. We are in a city with first-class talents, technology and financial environment. This is a place where China’s textile machinery is united. Starting from me, this is people and . Grasping this "three elements", not "re-starting business" is not successful. Zhang Yujie, a new college student in the Department of Product Technology, said in his speech that the company's continuous improvement of PDM and ERP information systems has made our company more scientific and convenient, and further promoted corporate management and decision-making.

- Linked to the self. In the big discussion, Chinese textile machinery workers did not blame the enterprises for their difficulties, but more were linked to their teams and individuals. The general machine section of the machining workshop proposed that “re-starting business” should start from the team, and the “Shanghai Worker Pioneer” team, the CNC maintenance team, said that the team was the foothold of “re-starting business”. Most of the employees said in their speeches that they should use enthusiasm and action to devote themselves to "re-starting business". They must start from the beginning and start from me. Unswervingly do the work within the scope of your duties and the work of this position.

A few days ago, the China Textile Machinery Party Committee prepared to hold a company-wide discussion and exchange meeting to consolidate the achievements. In order to further guide the activities in the third stage, the popularity of the discussion will be guided to promote the development of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”.

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