ZEDA Textile Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Founded in 1975, ZEDA Textile Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd.(Original YONGKANG LIDA Textile Equipment Co.,Ltd) has long manufacturing history & richmanufacturing experience, and forms a complete set for all worlds' textile machinery manufacturers, are a famous textile equipment enterprise in China.

Our company specializes in the manufacturing of various parts of textile machinery: plastic, wood, aluminum alloy lattices; needle rollers, aluminum alloy rollers, wood rollers, aluminum alloy and wood needle plates for Card; various model of velvet belts, velvet rollers, velvet plates and steel needles; white hairbrushes for comber, steel wire hairbrushes, various model of single and double vrille large hairbrushes, small round hairbrushes, various model of nylon bobbins, Our lattices and needle rollers form a complete set for many major machines of China hi-tech group, they can meet various application requirements.

Although the product application fields and conditions are different, with many years of experience and high quality products, ZEDA can be a reliable partner of your company.

In the past few decades, as the leader of textile equipment, ZEDA always worked with our customers closely and closely follows the development trend of diversification of the yarn production, customer oriented service spirit has become the cooperation base between ZEDA and the textile machinery factories.

The success of the company is to provide high quality and reliable products to our customers, the ideal customers depends on the ideal products, high quality, high efficiency is ZEDA's business philosophy.

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